Charming house in the "Pourpre Périgord" 
« La Bergerie des Pourcauds » 
Situated in the heart of a beautiful hamlet from the 17th century with the charms and souls from the olden days, renovated in an old manner for your nowadays comfort. 
The Dordogne 

The Dordogne, it is the old province of the Périgord.  
On the Paris road to the Pyrenees, it benefits from its location, from a climate pleasant to live in any season.  
To the confines of the continental and mountain oceanic areas, it expresses its diversity.  
It is this diversity all moderates some which is evoked to through of the four colours of the Périgord, four countries who make only one of it. 

Today and tomorrow you will discover all this wealth that make of the Périgord the ground of election of cultural tourism and of full nature.  
It is while going up towards the mouth of the Dordogne, between vines and country cottages, that you will discover the PERIGORD PURPLE, countries of the large "bergeracois" which expands on all the department South.  
The road of the wines opens to Bergerac thanks to the "Cyrano" of Rostand, but also for its dark red wine, the Montravel on the Montaigne's land, the Saussignac and Monbazillac, liqueur-like praised by Rabelais and the Pécharmant finally, smelling well violet.
The wines of the Bergeracois are Kings and the French and English country cottages refer to a page of the history and social life.
The Périgord is said rich of one thousand and one castles!
Middle age or Renaissance, you will be amazed by seeing all these architecture jewels, that the time agreed to preserve for your greatest satisfaction.
Museums constitute the memory of the region, rivers and shipping, vineyards, tobacco, walnuts,  

as many treasures as it belongs to you to discover according to your desires or your routes.  

The historical monuments, cloisters, caves abound in exceptional curiosities. Let you discover them from cover to the wire of your walks.
Surprises will be numerous and your curiosity will be satisfied.  
For the pleasure of the eyes and of the feelings, let you be invited by Mother Nature to the charms of flowers, of the plants and to the short-lived scents of our gardens.
The Dordogne River has always been and will remain the wire of the life of our region.
Sometimes capricious, still enchantress, the famous
"Hope River" will reveal to you its secrecies and anecdotes during
walks in "gabarres", flat-bottomed traditional boats.

Numerous art craftsmen and artists elected residence in Bergerac Countries.
You will thus be able to meet ceramists, potters, painters, cabinet makers, turners and wood-carvers, etc…

by informing you to the tourist offices which will communicate to you all the useful details to return them visit.  

What could be user-friendly and enriching than to discover a region through its markets, traditional "producing of Countries" to the farm. 
The regional producers will make you share their knowledge on the occasion of tasting. 

Lastly, for the greediest ones, let apprehend the recipes of grandmothers which make the fame of the region.  
When we speak about gastronomy, we can say that the Périgord is at the top in this field. 

The traditional products as well as the truffle, the walnut, the strawberry, the wine and the "confit" and "foie gras" of goose and of duck, make it possible to maintain the fame of this soil very high. 
It is the Dordogne River which creates the Eden.  
It is it which gets for this broad valley, the fertility of its alluvia and which softens its climate.  
Wood, meadows, orchards and vines share themselves this serene territory which could remain the same since millennia, preserving its exceptional nature.  
Established on both banks of the Dordogne, the bergeracois vineyard gathers on 93 villages more than 12,000 hectares.
The right bank is made up of terraces mixing Graves soils, sand and alluvial sediments soils.
The left bank is raised in succession of slopes, where do the calcareous soils predominate.  

Associated with these soils very favourable to wine production, the moderate climate and sunning  
abounding contribute naturally to give to the bergeracois vineyards all the assets for produce Great Wines.  

The generosity of nature can only predispose the visitors to devote oneself to major diversity of sporting activities and of leisure. From the simple ramble to the hard-working practice of the water sports, the splendid Golf courses, to the fishing party,

all is possible or almost in