General conditions of hiring  
"The Sheep-fold of the Pourcauds"  
These conditions of hiring refer to the place "the sheep-fold of the Pourcauds" located in the Pourcauds to 24610 Saint Méard-de-Gurçon (France).  
The documents entitled "general Presentation" and "Description of the rented house" are given as an indication.  
They were carried out of any good faith, and do not engage in any way the landlord.  
The tenant will have to be confirmed in writing all points of the description which he would judge so important that they could call into question its desire to rent, on the assumption that those should not meet its wishes.  
Alone, a document written and signed by the landlord "for acceptance" will be able to engage its responsibility in this matter.  
Under these general conditions of hiring, terms "the landlord" and "us" designate the owners of "the sheep-fold of the Pourcauds" and terms "you" and "the tenant" designate the taker.  
Arrival and departure  
Hiring is done from Saturday to Saturday.  
You will move in your house as from 5 p.m. during the day of your arrival and we ask you to leave it before 10 a.m. the day of your departure.  
The house is rented contractually and, in the price, are included fuel oil, water consumption, electricity, and the firewood for open fire.  
We ask you to pay a guarantee of EUR 250 with the balance of hiring:  
This guarantee will be refunded to you within a fortnight which follows the end of hiring because it will be able to be used to refund possible damage  
So as to always propose to you the Sheep-fold in a state of irreproachable cleanliness, we necessitate a fine cleaning fixed amount "end of stay" obligatory of 55 €.  
This amount will be paid at the time of the balance of hiring. 
Inventory of fixtures  
On your arrival, we will give you a detailed form of inventory of fixtures: we ask you to fill it in for the following morning and to give it to us in order to enable us to remedy as soon as possible the less failure.  
During your stay, we ask you to take all the responsibilities and precautions necessary to avoid all damage or deteriorations.  
You will take care of the normal maintenance of the rented property (we will refer to the behaviour of the good father of family).  
Damage and charges of repairing will be the responsibility of the tenant and will be retained firstly on its guarantee.  
Any dispute or remark concerning the rented property will have to be served on the spot within 2 days following the beginning of hiring.  

Terms of Payment  
Any hiring gives rise to the payment of an instalment equal to 25% of the amount of hiring at the time of the reservation.  
The balance and the guarantee must be paid at the latest 2 months before the beginning of hiring.  
If hiring is concluded less than 2 months before the date of arrival, the totality of hiring is payable at the time of the reservation.  
Hiring is acquired only on two conditions:  
- on the one hand, by the return of the duly signed leasing agreement.  
- on the other hand, by the payment of the instalment on the account of:  
Mr and Mrs Patrick Lagrange 635-4215501-29  
Delta Lloyds Bank – Nivelles – Belgium 
IBAN: BE26 635421550129 
If these conditions would not be met, we reserve to us the right to dispose of the property.  
The payment of the balance of hiring has to be done in the intended deadlines.  
In the contrary case, we reserve to us the right to cancel hiring without refunding of the instalment.  
Cancellation of the reservation  
If for some reason that it is, the tenant had to cancel his hiring more than two months before the beginning of hiring, he will be held to the payment of the instalment, except if we manage to relet the property: in this case, we commit ourselves to refunding to the customer the totality of its instalment, after deduction of EUR 50 as file expenses.  
If cancellation by the tenant intervenes less than two months before the beginning of hiring, it will be held to the complete payment of the safe rent, except if we manage to relet the property: in this case, we also commit ourselves to refunding to the tenant the totality of its payments, after deduction of 50 EUR as file expenses.  
It is still permissible to the tenant to propose a substitute. 
Swimming pool and property  
The maintenance of the swimming pool and of the property is realised by our care or any other person that we will designate.  
You leave free to us access to the swimming pool for this maintenance that we will carry out as far as possible apart from bathe hours.  
We require you the respect of the commonplaces, of the access ways (car park, lawn, plantations, spaces and flowered vats).  
The use of the swimming pool, which is under no circumstances supervised by our care, is done under your full responsibility  
The swimming pool is equipped with a safety system in conformity with the safety requirements in order to prevent as much as possible the accidents, but we will not be responsible for the accidents which could occur.  
For reasons of hygiene, of safety and of quietude, the access of the dogs, cats or any other species of animal unfortunately is not accepted without deliberate authorisation from the owners.  
The house is provided with feather-beds and pillows for the bed and the pillowcases, bottom sheets, feather-bed cover; also with kitchen towels, bath towels (a large and a small by persons), toilet gloves.  
Swimming pool towels are not provided.  
The maintenance equipment such as the aspirator, the floor cloths, the specific brushes and buckets, the products for the soils only, is placed at your disposal